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Natural Salts

Benefits of Health-giving Salts  - Therapeutic Natural Salt baths are now becoming common practice in homes and provide a medium for deep relaxation, as well as a feast of minerals for the skin. Natural Salts are packed with 10 times more minerals than ordinary sea salt.

Using Natural Salts in your bath at home is a great way to relax and unwind. Previously only available in spas and expensive skin care clinics.

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Akamuti Fragrant Tranquility Bath Salts 500g
Our Product of Choice: Akamuti Fragrant Tranquility Bath Salts with organic sea salts to detoxify skin impurites & will leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

Not available for despatch outside the UK.
500g - £8.50
Epsom Salts (FCC)

Our Product of Choice: FCC Grade Epsom Salt, suitable for consumption and can also be used for muscle relaxation, sports injuries and recovery in the bath.

Available in 25 kg bags only.

Epsom Salts (FCC- edible grade) 25kg - £63.06
Epsom Salts External Use (Bathing)

Our Product of Choice: Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulphate) is a well known salt used for muscle relaxation, sports injuries and recovery in the bath. The Epsom salt below is non graded and is for EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

1kg - £7.20
2kg - £12.00
5kg - £21.60
25kg - £60.00
Himalayan Salt for consumption and bathing

Our Product of Choice:  Himalayan Pink Salt.  Available in both fine and coarse texture. This is a food grade salt that is suitable for both bathing and food consumption.

Fine 1kg - £7.20
Coarse 1kg - £7.20
Fine 2kg - £12.00
Coarse 2kg - £12.00
Fine 5kg - £21.60
Coarse 5kg - £21.60
Fine 25kg - £60.00
Coarse 25kg - £60.00
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No products should be considered as treatments or cures for Cancer.

Although it is very unlikely that your doctor or oncologist has any in-depth knowledge of natural compounds and herbs and their benefits or any side-effects, you should always seek qualified medical opinion for any contra-indications with the drugs you are taking - a qualified medical herbalist may be able to advise.