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icon magazine back issues

Our Natural Selection of health information.

In this area we have brought together a collection of books and magazines on health and cancer.

You can now buy books to be sent direct from the USA

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icon volume 10 issue 2

This issue covers issues such as mastectomies, environmental toxins as a cause of cancer, the role of gut bacteria in colorectal cancer and what is making cancer an ever younger disease.
magazine - £5.00
icon volume 10 issue 3

This issue covers Geoff Boycott's cancer 10 years on, top 12 supplements, proton beam therapy, rainbow recipes, epigenetics, repurposing old drugs for new and living proof - how I beat my breast cancer

magazine - £5.00
icon volume 10 issue 1
This editions includes a diet for chemotherapy, taking control of your own life, Curcumin, Bowel Cancer, Breast Cancer and the latest news on cancer.
magazine - £5.00
icon volume 11 issue 1
The very latest issue of icon (October 2017) includes a real Mediterranean cancer journey, many actions of melatonin, breast cancer and bioactive compounds, reduce your oestrogen levels naturally, gut bacteria, latest cancer news from around the world and much more.
40 pages - £5.00
icon volume 11 issue 2
The very latest issue which covers ways to improve your chemotherapy, colon cancer, breast cancer, sugar intake and cancer, how to reduce chronic inflammation, cannabis v hemp
magazine - £5.00
icon Volume 8 Issue 2 -2009

»Everything you need to know to help you beat breast cancer.
»Why exercise is good for you.
»The development of Thermal Imaging.
»New developments in Radiotherapy.
»Diet and cancer - The golden rules.
»A guide to breast cancer drugs

Magazine - £5.00
icon Volume 9 Issue 3
This edition includes your A to Z guide to cancer drugs part 3, an article about Stress and Cancer, American and UK approaches to brain tumours, natural herbs to help fight cancer, overview of breast cancer and Living Proof - 9 years on from ovarian cancer.
magazine - £5.00
Available Pages:
No products should be considered as treatments or cures for Cancer.

Although it is very unlikely that your doctor or oncologist has any in-depth knowledge of natural compounds and herbs and their benefits or any side-effects, you should always seek qualified medical opinion for any contra-indications with the drugs you are taking - a qualified medical herbalist may be able to advise.